Dr. Wonhee Kang Chairman

Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and entrepreneurship.

Pamela Perkins Donnelly Vice-Chair

Avid communicator, web and Internet evangelist with more than 10 years of online and offline marketing experience.

Albert WedemeyerSecretary

Affable organizer detail oriented project manager ensures smooth and harmonious engagements, meetings, and social networking.

Sarah Keely Treasurer

Strategy expert acting as financial facilitator and overseeing development of and compliance with IEA-approved financial policies.

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Social Media Expert

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Pamela Perkins Donnelly

Marketing Consultant

Provide general oversight for GWIEA marketing opportunities and projects. Spearhead the Marketing Committee and work closely with Web, Photography and Social Media Committees. 

Your Name Here? Board Member-At-Large

Board Member-At-Large

Generally following the Board's lead, be that extra set of hands and feet that keep our projects going, enthusiams high, and spirits joyful.

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Dr. Wonhee Kang

Chairman of Board 


Dr. Wonhee Kang earned her Doctor of Ministry degree in Arts and Theology from Wesley Seminary in DC ( and she has been a Greater Washington DC resident since 1991.


Dr. Kang serves as the president of Greater Washington DC chapter of International Enneagram Association ( and uses the Enneagram to support others in finding their mission, purpose and passion. Dr. Kang is a certified Enneagram teacher of an International enneagram association Accredited Professional.


She also serves as the chairperson of Program Committee of Asian American Chamber of Commerce(, is dedicated to improving the economic development for Asian Pacific American owned businesses in VA/DC/MD.


Dr. Wonhee is the Director of Music & Arts services for Youth for Tomorrow ( Dr. Kang has devoted more than 25 years in the nonprofit world supporting at-risk youth and is passionate in her efforts to help youth transform their lives for the better.


As a noted youth advocate, she spearheaded numerous community collaborations and partnerships and helped establish a neighborhood-based anti-gang organization.As a Boys & Girls Clubs of America's national trainer for 10 years, she has led major initiatives that have made an indelible impact on the Boys & Girls Club movement( She developed and launched major campaigns to encourage America’s youth to serve as citizens of good character.


Dr.Kang’s work has earned her several awards, which include the BGCA National honor award for Family Plus programs as well as awards for Arts programs through her leadership in the movement. Dr. Kang also received the Character Counts program award from the Fairfax County board of supervisors. 


She is certified teacher for Heartmath ( and Yamaha Music in Education Programs (


In addition, Kang is a DIRECTOR of WORSHIP-ARTS at Culmore United Methodist Church in Falls Church, Virginia where 20 or more nationalities are represented in one congregation. She has been a leader of multi-cultural ministries for 25 years, believing in the beauty and virtue of diversity.

Pamela Perkins Donnelly

Board Vice-Chair

The Enneagram is literally one of my best friends. When family and friends were passing from this Earth, the Enneagram was there to help me know myself and to witness their passing and my own fears with compassion. When I might feel awkward in social settings, the Enneagram is there to bring me out into curiosity and connection with others. When I am stuck, triggered, or in the grip of fear, the Enneagram lights the way back to peace and satiety.


I am so grateful to be a founding member of the IEA Greater Washington DC Chapter and to have the opportunity to add my voice to the Enneagram chorus that sounds forth in these times of uncertainty, inviting us all back to ever-present unity.  Why not join us at our GW-IEA third Tuesday of the month meeting and make friends yourself with the Enneagram?


To matters of the heart and spirit, perhaps I awoke early? There was some tragedy in my early childhood and formative years that might have helped. And I grew up on a farm in a big family of 200-plus relatives, so there was a large arena and plenty of community for personal growth and process.


My first adult foray into the personal growth arena occurred in my 20s and included a 2-year commitment to a woman’s group, not of my peers, but of my Elders. I was 20-ish and they were 60ish; they taught me about love, men, divorce, illness, and the strength of female wisdom.


After processing my “Inner Child” work in the early 90s with another powerful woman (a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who had Shamanistic tendencies), I continued my personal growth and Enneagram studies for another decade, with an East-meets-West Licensed Professional Counselor, who was also a certified Narrative Tradition Enneagram Teacher.


I began formal study of the Enneagram with Helen Palmer in 1996, in a Maryland nunnery, at a weekend Transform, Inc., event. It was magical and transformational, of course! By 2002, I received my own teacher certification with the Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition and joined the AENT. I also became a member of the IEA in 2004. By 2006, I had found my next spiritual mentor, out of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing tradition.

More recently, in 2011 I discovered Non-Violent Communication and IMAGO Therapy theories. In 2014 I became a Certified MBTI Practitioner and began volunteering in leadership roles for two local spirituality groups: The Center of the One Heart, and Charlottesville Advaita Friends. In my business life, my work has centered on teaching, writing, computer technology, databases, marketing and creation of events, publications, and materials.


Learn more about Pamela Perkins Donnelly at LinkedIn or

Al Wedemeyer

Board Secretary

Al Wedemeyer was introduced to the Enneagram about 20 years ago by his brother Bill, who uses it in his work as a counselor for the City of San Francisco.  Al has been an IEA member since 2009, and he and Bill have attended 5 IEA Conferences together, including the last 3 that were held in San Francisco.


Al was the fourth generation of his family to attend West Point.  He served 5 years as an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and then earned a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University.  He worked a couple of years as a consultant for Booz Allen and then returned to work for the Army as a civilian engineer doing research and development at the Night Vision Lab at Ft. Belvoir.  Al retired from the government at the end of 2011 and has been working since then as a middle school Spanish teacher at Word of Life Christian Academy in Springfield, VA – something he really enjoys as his students help keep him young and it reminds him of the 6 years he spent in South America in his youth.


Al has always been interested in psychology and the Army was kind enough to send him to get certified in the Myers Briggs assessment tool in 2006.  He is very active in his church (The King’s Chapel in Clifton, VA), and enjoys swimming, music and working on his stamp collection (like a typical Type 9!).  Al is thrilled about the founding of the Greater Washington IEA Chapter and honored to serve as secretary on its Board of Directors.

Sarah Keely

Board Treasurer

Sarah Keely, LPC, is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Herndon, VA. She has more than 25 years of experience working with couples, families, and individuals. Since her first introduction to the Enneagram in 2008, she had been incorporating this powerful system into her therapeutic work. Following her certification as an Enneagram teacher through the Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition in 2012, she had led workshops and training on the Enneagram to varied groups.


In addition to incorporating the Enneagram into her professional work, Sarah has used the system to deepen her spiritual development personally, through self-reflection and in the context of small group work. This process has been enormously rewarding, influencing her way of being in the world.


It is with this enthusiasm that Sarah became a founding member of the board of the newly founded Greater Washington chapter of the International Enneagram Association. She is eager to help spread knowledge about the Enneagram in this area and widen the community of those touched by the power of this system.

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