Welcome! Curious why we created a D.C. area Enneagram Chapter? Read on!

by Pamela Perkins Donnelly, GWIEA Boad Vice-Chair


Inspiration fosters new Enneagram community in Northern Virginia 

On the inspiration of Dr. Wonhee Kang, in October 2015 a small group of individuals began meeting to discuss the creation of a Greater Washington, DC, Chapter of the International Enneagram Association (IEA). Other founding board members include Pamela Perkins Donnelly, Albert Wedemeyer and Sarah Keely. The new chapter was officially recognized by the IEA in early spring 2016. Currently the GW-IEA Chapter hosts monthly forum discussions around the Greater Washington, DC, area the second Tuesday of each month. 


Why form a Greater Washington, DC, Chapter of the IEA?

Inspired or not, why form a Greater Washington, DC, Chapter of the IEA? For local Enneagram advocacy and community awareness as well as personal and professional development and networking!


If you know anything about the Enneagram, you have likely already been amazed by its power of transformation through embodied knowledge. As a member of the Greater Washington Area IEA Chapter, you will have access to this powerful knowledge, and communion with people who are doing the work and walking the spiritual Enneagram path.


Built from scratch; based on shared life experiences

We are building this new chapter from scratch, and we need YOU! We are hoping to have all the types represented on our Board, so that all lenses of type can inform and be experienced in our Board of Directors group. As a participating Board of Director member, you will have the opportunity to practice your Enneagram type growth and your knowledge of other types, while you work in advocacy for the Enneagram.


And as you hold the object of attention of promoting the Enneagram, all the flavors and voices of your type may express themselves. You will have an opportunity amidst an Enneagram community to experience the highs and lows of your own type, as well as your own capacities to experience the same of another type. And as a result, we will all be informed.


Grow your Enneagram knowledge and network with GWIEA

Life isn’t static, and neither is type. Come learn as you work, play and embody the highs and lows of your Enneagram type while also making space to witness the other Enneagram types. Grow your personal Enneagram network, and polish your own Enneagram knowledge. Become a Greater Washington Area IEA Chapter Board Member today!


Read on to learn more about our current GWIEA Board of Directors. Interested in becoming a board member yourself, or just a member of the GWIEA Chapter? Check out Our Team page for open positions and then email your interest to GreaterWashington.IEA@gmail.com 



Want to better understand all the Enneagram types? 

Come practice and play at GWIEA Upcoming Events!

Spread the word and raise awareness about what we do. The best way to do it is through social networking!

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