The Nine Enneatypes

The nine Enneatypes of the Enneagram of Personality can help you be more aware of yourself and the others in your life. 

The Three Subtypes

The three Subtypes of the Enneagram of Personality are powerful notions about what motivates a person and what can cause a person to get stuck.


GW-IEA Events

The Greater Washington, DC, Chapter of the IEA promotes local discussions of Enneagram topics. Come join us!

Purpose of GW-IEA 

  • GW-IEA exists to promote local community, networking and connection amongst Enneagram students and teachers of the Greater Washington, DC area; additionally, we hope to foster new interest in the Enneagram.

  • GW-IEA will host monthly events to foster new Enneagram relationships as well as hold space for existing relationships to flower and matureex

  • When possible GW-IEA will collaborate to bring in special speakers and new Ennegram programs to the Greater Washington community in order to promote and provide continued learning and excellence. 

The GW-IEA Mission

As an International Enneagram Association Chapter, the GW-IEA Mission is the same as our parent association, but focused regionally as opposed to internationally. The GW-IEA mission is to support our members by providing opportunities for:

ENGAGEMENT within a community of shared interest and diverse approaches.

EDUCATION in theory and application of the Enneagram.

EXCELLENCE in the use of the Enneagram through individual development and expertise.

Join the GW-IEA community to learn more!